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Kleen Lube is your source for innovative products that really perform.  We only offer products that we love and use on our own motorcycles, cars, trucks and equipment.  We're old school; why would we sell something we don't use ourselves! 

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Our newest product is the Wheel Jockey.   If you own a motorcycle without a center stand this product is a real must have!  Be sure to check out our other great products like Kleen Chain, the Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets or the Fluid Rx testing products.

MagnaGuard Oil Filter Magnets can be used on any spin on oil filter with a metal center core.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, farm equipment, tractors, generators and small engines. 

Works on hydraulic and fuel filters also!


The Truth About Motor Oil and Your Engine . . . . .

Have you ever wondered what turns your motor oil from a clean golden amber lubricant to that icky black mess after a few thousand miles?

Even with the very best maintenance and great driving conditions your engine will shed a little metal.  These tiny particles of grit in the oil increase friction and wear causing your engine to run hotter.  As the oil breaks down sludge forms and the oil loses its ability to protect your engine.

To provide adequate lubrication to your engine, oil filters are designed to pass oil freely.  Therefore, a certain number of these tiny particles, or grit, will pass right through the filter's porous element.  Unfortunately changing your filter and oil does not remove all the grit and/or sludge from your engine.

70 to 80% of all engine failures and wear problems are attributed to oil lube contamination.  Since those tiny particles of grit in the oil are small enough to fit inside the oil film or in other words between the engine's moving parts they actually produce 3.5-times more wear than larger particles.

What Can You Do?

Simply insert Magna-Guard into your oil filter every time your oil is changed to turn that filter into a super-filter, removing 40-times more grit than the filter alone.  What are your benefits?

  • 5% or More Fuel Mileage Increase
  • 8 to 14-times Less Engine Wear
  • Extended Oil and Filter Service Life
  • Up to 18% Less Toxic Exhaust Emissions


How many Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets should I use?

For maximum efficiency, Magna-Guard recommends using one standard size magnet per 16oz of filter fluid capacity (not the entire system capacity).  Quart sized filters found on some pickup trucks require 2 magnets.  Tractor trailer rigs with one gallon primary filters should use 8 standard size magnets.


Which size of Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnet should I use?

Magna-Guard is available in two standard sizes to keep the applications simple and the costs low.  The Standard size is approx. 1/4"x3/8"x1-1/2" and the Mini size is approx. 3/16"x1/4"x3/4"

The "mini" size is for small equipment, motorcycles and some automotive filters which are too short for the standard size Magna-Guard magnet.  Two "mini's" are the equivalent of one standard magnet.  Use the Mini's by the pair.


Want to use Magna-Guard for FREE?

You can actually pay yourself to use Magna-Guard because the average car owner saves more than $20 in fuel between regularely scheduled oil changes.  That's at least 3-times more money in your pocket.  You get great engine protection, longer oil life and less exhaust emissions all as a no cost bonus.  Large truck operators SAVE even more!

Perhaps you're concerned about your warranty?

has been tested engine safe by independent laboratories, the Society of Automotive Engineers and will not void your warranty.

Maybe you're thinking; does this product really work?

Large trucking fleets, delivery companies, utility companies, mail delivery services, bus services and municipalities would never use a product that does not provide them cost effective solutions.

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Make sure you visit the FAQ section and see our Patented ONE-Drop Instant Lubricant Test!

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