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Magna-Guard Endorsements


Motor Trend - the World's #1 Automotive Authority, November 1999:

"Metal shavings can be the death of your engine . . . avoid the trouble and expense of engine damage. Magna-Guard... It sticks to the wall of the filter and traps metal particles as they travel through. Add a new one each time you change oil.


Aftermarket Business, February 2000:

Magna-Guard: Editor's Choice - Best New Product of 1999. ". . . the concept is brilliant. Just drop the magnet inside the filter whenever it's changed and your engine will be better for it. This prevents friction and premature engine wear."


Max Power, February 2000:

"Even under the best driving conditions and the most meticulous maintenance, your engine will shed a little metal . . . these particles can work their way back into the engine and cause wear on a number of key components . . . An economical way to extend tile life of your engine is with the Magna-Guard... it's cheep insurance against wear and tear."


PowerLine, the Official Source of the Hot Rod Power Club, Vol. 1 #5:

"Magna-Guard... attracts and traps micro-fine metal particles that are generated during normal engine operation . . . prevents these particles from re-circulating into the oil and through the engine. . . can turn any oil filter into a simper filter, thus extending engine life, improving fuel economy and preserving horsepower."


2000 Turbo Buick Newsletter's - The Source. Vol. 13 No. 5:

"We've all seen magnetic drain plugs for engines and transmission oil pans. . . A company recently sent us a product for review which is a slight spin-off of these already proves practices."
"...most important to us was reliability amid reduced maintenance costs. While we cannot substantiate. . exact claims, we can relay what we've found by using the product. On a "freshly-rebuilt" engine with less than 10,000 miles, we installed the magnet. . . and ran the engine for approximately 3,000 miles. The photos below show the somewhat surprising results."


LowRider Magazine, July, 1999

"Magna-Guard, an inexpensive product that extends the life of internal combustion engines. Magna-Guard's ceramic V magnet attracts and traps micro-fine metal particles generated during engine operation before they can be recalculated in the oil, thus making any oil filter a "super filter"".

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