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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How do I use Magna-Guard?
    Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets are specifically designed to be inserted through the center hole of any spin-on filter with a metal core.
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  • What equipment can I use Magna-Guard on?
    Anything with a spin-on metal core motor oil, fuel or hydraulic oil filter. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, boats, tractors, lawn equipment, hydraulic equipment, generators, farm equipment, airplanes, etc....
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  • Will Magna-Guard void my warranty?
    No. Independent Testing Laboratories and SAE have throughly tested Manga-Guard proving it to be Engine Safe. Magna-Guard was slected as "Best New Product" in 1999 and has millons used without any problems.
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  • Why are there only two sizes of Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets?
    Magna-Guard is available in two standard sizes to keep the applications simple and the costs low. The "mini" size was developed because small equipment, motorcycles and some automotive filters are too short for the standard size Magna-Guard magnet. Two "mini's" are the equivalent of one standard magnet.
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  • What are the dimensions of the Magna-Guard Magnets?
    The standard size magnet is approximately 1/4"x3/8"x1-1/2". The mini size is approx. 3/16"x1/4"x3/4" (remember to use the mini's by the pair) 2 mini's equal 1 standard magnet.
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  • How many magnets should I use?
    We recommend 1 regular size or two mini sized magnets in a typical automotive filter. Larger filters, like those found on pickup trucks or farm tractors generally hold about a quart of oil; those require two regular size magnets. Very large filters, like those on tractor trailer rigs generally require 4 to 8 magnets. The general rule is 1 magnet per 16oz of fluid held in the filter (not the entire system capacity).
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  • Why must Magna-Guard go inside the filter?
    Simply put, Performance! Like you, we believe when a product is purchased it should work the best it possibly can. Extensive testing proved the only way to remove the most friction causing, engine damaging particles was to put the magnets in direct contact with the fluids. That's why Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets are patented. Like gravity, Magna-Guard always performs. Our tests prove it and our satisfied customers know it.
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  • How do I get better mileage by using Magna-Guard?
    Magna-Guard removes particles down to .5 microns. Most oil filters only remove particles down to 30 or 40 microns. By removing these tiny particles there is less friction between the moving parts of your engine. The engine runs cooler, cleaner and more efficiently thereby producing 5% better mileage. It's all about reducing friction. You don't have to take our word for it. SAE tests, Independent Test Labs and our customers all prove our product works.
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  • Still not clear on the better mileage?
    Trucks get worse mileage when pulling a trailer because the trailer produces drag (friction). Cars get better mileage with the windows up because there's less friction. One of the benefits of using synthetic oil is improved mileage. Why? Less friction of course. When the moving parts can move easier the engine is more efficient and burns less fuel. Visit any high performance engine shop or read any performance magazine; you might be surprised to learn just how many horsepower can be lost by simply allowing the crankshaft to spin in a full oil pan. It's all about reducing friction!
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  • Can't I just use any magnet?
    No! Magna-Guard is a very powerful, specially designed 100% Ceramic magnet that will not dissolve in oil or lose its magnetic properties under high heat. Other magnets will break down, dissolve and become corrosive under these conditions.
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  • How do I get the magnet out of the filter?
    You Don't! Because it is so important to the safety of your equipment, Magna-Guard magnets were designed to never come out of your filter. Magna-Guard is so inexpensive they are disposed with the filter. Besides, your savings in fuel between oil changes is much larger than the cost of the product, plus you can extend the time between fluid changes. Here is an important question; do you really want to put a dirty contaminated magnet into a clean filter? Now ask yourself, aren't you already so busy you're burning the candle on both ends. We made using Magna-Guard incredibly reliable, affordable and EASY. Don't make your life anymore complicated than it already is.
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  • Why should I use so many magnets?
    To keep costs low and applications easy, Magna-Guard is available in two sizes, standard and mini. The purpose of multiple magnets is to ensure the majority of particulants are removed in a single pass through the filter.
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  • Since the magnets are attracting particles; won't that clog my filter?
    No. The magnets actually improve the flow of the oil because those tiny particles are no longer available to move through the filter media which means the filter works better.
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  • Can I go longer on my oil changes?
    Yes. Since the particles that cause engine wear are removed the oil is cleaner and can be used longer. We recommend using our Patented ONE-Drop fluid tests to verify just how long you can go.
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  • I've seen magnets that go on the outside of the filter, why shouldn't I use those instead.
    You can use those. However, those are generally 6 to 20 times more expensive than Magna-Guard and while they do remove some particulants they can not meet the same high particle removal of Magna-Guard. The benefit of removing particles down to .5 microns is MUCH greater than just removing some particles. Ask yourself this last question; why don't those outside magnet products claim improved mileage with test reports to support the claim. Better mileage comes from reduced friction and reduced friction comes from removing most, if not all of the particles below 40 microns.
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  • What is the shiny coating on the Magna-Guard Magnets?
    That isn't a coating. The magnets are polished using a proprietary process that helps the magnets attract particles even better.
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  • I was showing some of the magnets to someone when they "jumped" together and one of the magnets broke into two pieces. What should I do?
    The Magna-Guard Magnets are 100% ceramic which means they can handle up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit; but they are breakable. You can use both pieces, but be careful; the edges will be very sharp! Remember the mini size is basically half the standard size.
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