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Magna-Guard LAND LINE Special Plus
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One package of 18 standard size Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets and 2 diesel engine oil analysis tests by Hurguth Labs.

Never done oil analysis before; well this item's made for you!  Use this special to conduct your own before and after test.  This kit contains 2 oil analysis tests, one for before Magna-Guard and one for after Magna-Guard.  See for yourself just how much friction causing engine damaging particulants Magna-Guard removes.  Remember to use one magnet per 16 ozs of filter fluid capacity.  For best performance, quart sized filters use 2 magnets, gallon size tractor filters require 8 magnets distributed on each from the top to the bottom of the filter.  Don't forget use Magna-Guard in your pickup truck, SUV and car.

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